The dependency on the state economy is a matter of past. Today, we strive for resilience and the process is in our hands.

  • we recognize the impact of past economic politics and we understand that we must do better, establishing partnerships with companies that share the same beliefs;

  • we have our future in our own hands, we know that we are blessed with a great amount of resources and this is why we want to establish strong and trustworthy partnerships;

  • having a more experienced labor force allows us to cope better after the financial crisis due to the closure of the mines;

  • we understand that we are not yet the best, but we are on the road to be the best practice of post-industrial revival in Eastern Europen, in averse economic conditions;

  • we value the youth, creativity and skills of our inhabitants more than their number;

  • The change to a new local economy in the Jiu Valley will change the entire region, as we are the biggest human resource in around 50.000 km².