The six cities composing the Jiu Valley have complementary services, creating an urban area with a mixed character. There are dense urban centers built in the second half of the XXth century, where walking and cycling are the main modes of transport.

The Jiu Valley has some of the most spectacular natural landscapes, offering numerous opportunities for an active tourism. The area is one of the most frequent destinations for youngsters and young families in Timișoara, Cluj Napoca or Craiova. We manage the access to four major mountains:

  • Parâng
    Ski-bike resort and the most spectacular road, Transalpina, reaching 2145 m. You cand reach Parâng starting form Petroșani or Petrila;

  • Șureanu
    UNESCO World heritage Dacian citadels, caves and virgin biotopes, reachable starting from Petrila;

  • Retezat
    The most spectacular mountain in Western Romania, and the most accessible one. The gate to Retezat is Uricani.

  • Vâlcan
    Two ski-bike resorts (Straja and Pasul Vâlcan) and a spectacular road: Transvâlcan.

In the Jiu Valley you find a vast range of housing options. From the brand new city apartments at the waterfront to townhouses, single-family houses, public housing and student flats. Housing is available in many different residential areas and at all price levels.