The Jiu Valley, Romania’s former largest coal mining area, is nowadays defined by wonderful landscapes, an exceptional river basin, and a very ancient history and culture. With a population of around 135.000 inhabitants, composed by 6 towns and several villages, Jiu Valley lies in Central-West Romania, close to the Western border. It is fully surrounded by mountains and offers its inhabitants and visitors clean fresh air, a variety of local traditions, and a wide diversity of amenities.

Location of Jiu Valley in Romania  (source: World Bank)

Location of Jiu Valley in Romania (source: World Bank)

Its privileged position, the great tourism potential, and the sites for investments left behind by the closure of the mines offer great investment potential in areas such as tourism and hospitality, industry, urban regeneration, and not only. The Jiu Valley is in a full re-invention process, and the companies that will invest in the area will define its future post-mining identity.

Facts and figures

136481 inhabitants

6493 unemployed

2001 active companies

Total private turnover: 393.792.079,24€ (2017)

Main economic activities:
Energy production / Retail / Construction works

259,6 ha available for investments

Perfect timing

We are, now, in the most important stage of our recent history. We pass now from a mono-industrial, polluting area to rebranding as a sustainable local economy, tending to a circular character and the most important Romanian urban area fully surrounded by an outstanding natural environment. This is why we want you to join us in this journey as a reliable and trustful partner in the future.